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so i have a lot of online places i sell things but normally the only ones that gather any return revenue are my etsy and my commissions on tumblr and deviantart. but i just finally sold enough stuff on redbubble to get a payment next month. which is good. i feel accomplished. 

im also planning on going about preparing for my first spell casting. which involves me burning holy wood in my room sometime when my parental units are away. tomorrow i will do this. and then once i buy enough candle holders, and some more things for my altar, i can perform a spell. i forget what i was planning to cast. something with lots of candles. i think it was for ensurance of healing from my surgery. but ive mostly done that naturally. 

thinking on witchy stuff, i do think my patron diety is poseidon. i feel like a sea witch. 

Date: 2014-05-25 08:32 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] metasoma
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doodle small frog in sea witch garb ye ye
im grateful that your sales are picking up!

Date: 2014-05-26 03:57 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] metasoma
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poop i forgot abt all that when i commented
and i kinda want to draw cutesy furry things, i'll play around with a witch koala costume set lol


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